Delicious Eats at Norwich Junkyard Market

Today is one of those rarest posts and rarest occasions: a night out without the kids! And as a dedicated lover of food carts, junk food, and cocktails, there was no better place to go than the Junkyard Market in Norwich, which started as a pop-up and is now a permanent feature in the city.Continue reading “Delicious Eats at Norwich Junkyard Market”

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Wroxham

We haven’t been on any ‘Big Adventures’ this week, but I thought I would share one of our favourite ways to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon: eating chips and feeding swans in Wroxham! Wroxham is considered the jewel of the Norfolk Broads, and if you’re visiting the area for your summer holiday then you’ll findContinue reading “A Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Wroxham”

Brilliant Beccles Lido: Fun With Kids, or Without!

I like to think my boys have inherited a lot from me: my sense of humour, my blue eyes, and my love of travel, to name a few! But one thing that they definitely share with both me and my husband is our love of being in the water; we are a family of fish!Continue reading “Brilliant Beccles Lido: Fun With Kids, or Without!”

How to Have a Holiday Without Leaving the House

Most kids have vivid imaginations, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn your home into their dream holiday destination! Make-believe lockdown holidays was something we did a lot during the peak of the coronavirus crisis; we went to Scotland to see Granny, Disneyland, Tokyo, and even explored all the monuments in Rome.Continue reading “How to Have a Holiday Without Leaving the House”

Hotel Review: Best Western Moore Place Hotel, Aspley Guise

The boys had a very busy half term! At the end of a week in Scotland with their Granny and Grandad, they drove down to Aspley Guise (Bedfordshire) for a very special event: Their Grandma was getting married! Both boys were handsome page boys, and the wedding breakfast and party took place at the BestContinue reading “Hotel Review: Best Western Moore Place Hotel, Aspley Guise”

A Wonderful Week on the Isle of Lewis: The Perfect Island for Kids

My dear old mum and dad live on the Isle of Lewis, and (before Covid interupted everything, of course) we are lucky enough to get up to the Island to visit them at least once or twice a year. This half term we visited for the first time in 18 months, and it was wonderful!Continue reading “A Wonderful Week on the Isle of Lewis: The Perfect Island for Kids”

Top Tips For Driving in Scotland

Scotland is a rugged and beautiful country, but for someone who is more used to driving on either the flat roads of Norfolk or vast expanses of motorway, some of the narrower and more winding roads can be a little daunting! The drive from our house to our final destination (the Isle of Lewis, whereContinue reading “Top Tips For Driving in Scotland”

Visiting Loch Ness With Kids

Monsters, mysterious waters, and an ancient myth….Loch Ness was made for imaginative kids! But, in reality it is also a destination better suited to adults than very small children. With the monster refusing to make an appearance, no matter how much we hunted for him, we were worried that it would all end in disappointment;Continue reading “Visiting Loch Ness With Kids”

Pets and Travel: Who Cares For Our Dog (and Rabbit) When We’re Away?

As we prepare for our next adventure, I thought I’d share a quick post about who cares for our dog (Hairy McClary) and our rabbit (Dash) when we’re away on holidays and short breaks, as well as using this as an excuse to share lots of pictures of our adorable family fluff ball! Hairy McClaryContinue reading “Pets and Travel: Who Cares For Our Dog (and Rabbit) When We’re Away?”

Practical Tips: Our Bodyboarding Kits for Kids

My kids love to bodyboard; they are far from pros (in fact, they spend more time crashing in the sea or lying on the sand than they actually do on the boards) but I think its a great way to build water confidence, and adds an element of excitement to any beach day. If youContinue reading “Practical Tips: Our Bodyboarding Kits for Kids”