Brilliant Beccles Lido: Fun With Kids, or Without!

I like to think my boys have inherited a lot from me: my sense of humour, my blue eyes, and my love of travel, to name a few! But one thing that they definitely share with both me and my husband is our love of being in the water; we are a family of fish!Continue reading “Brilliant Beccles Lido: Fun With Kids, or Without!”

Walking in Whitlingham Country Park

If you find yourself near Norwich and at a lose end, then it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle and enter an idyllic countryside space without actually leaving the city. Whitlingham Country Park looks like one of Norfolk’s famous broads, but it is actually a man-made water space, built on theContinue reading “Walking in Whitlingham Country Park”

The Camel Park Oasis in Suffolk is a Hidden Gem

Camel riding is something you think of doing when on exotic holidays in distant, faraway locales. But this weekend we visited the Camel Park Oasis in Suffolk and rode camels in the UK! Camel riding is something that our oldest son has always wanted to do, so we were delighted when we found out aboutContinue reading “The Camel Park Oasis in Suffolk is a Hidden Gem”

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Review: Traditional, Seaside Fun on a Budget

I have a soft spot for slightly run down British seaside towns, probably because I grew up in one. And if you’re looking for a fun, no-frills, shabby seaside resort then Great Yarmouth definitely fits the bill! Today we took the boys to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. In a pre-Covid world you could buy eitherContinue reading “Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Review: Traditional, Seaside Fun on a Budget”

Norfolk Adventures: Pirates Island Adventure Golf, Blofeld

As we are lucky enough to live in the Norfolk Broads, a destination I know is popular for Brits looking for Staycations (and let’s be honest, more of us than ever will be staying in the UK for our holidays this year) I thought I would share some of our favourite day trips and adventuresContinue reading “Norfolk Adventures: Pirates Island Adventure Golf, Blofeld”