Norfolk Adventures: Pirates Island Adventure Golf, Blofeld

As we are lucky enough to live in the Norfolk Broads, a destination I know is popular for Brits looking for Staycations (and let’s be honest, more of us than ever will be staying in the UK for our holidays this year) I thought I would share some of our favourite day trips and adventures that are closer to home. The first of these is Pirates Adventure Golf, which is based just one village away in Blofeld, making it a fun (and convenient) activity we often enjoy with the kids.

Pirates Island Adventure Golf: What You Need to Know

Pirates Island Adventure Golf is based at the larger Norfolk Premier Golf course on Yarmouth Road, Blofeld, Norwich NR13 4JS. The site currently opens from 10am-4.30 pm everyday, both inside and outside of school holidays. You used to be able to just turn up when you fancied a game but due to the new COVID restrictions, you now have to pre-book your visit via their website.

Having said that, you don’t always have to pre-book days in advance: we fancied a round of mini golf when we woke up on Monday, and managed to book a slot for lunch time that same day. If you’re travelling any distance though, or want to play for a special occasion, I would definitely recommend booking with a little more notice.

In December we took our eldest son here for his 8th birthday. To fit in with the ‘rule of six’ restrictions we could only take two of his friends with our family of four, but it was a lovely way to celebrate. And we also discovered on this trip that if you have pre booked your first game and want to play again, you can get your second game for half price!

The Prices

  • Children under 3 (stowaways) are £2 per game
  • Children between the age of 3-15 (scallywags) are £4 per game
  • Adults (pirates) are £6 per game

The Experience

This is a 12 hole course. The speed with which you can get around the course will depend on how many there are in your party and how good you are at playing, but as a family of four we usually get around the course in 45 minutes.

We love golf and we love pirates, so this is a great hour out for us! It is also one of more affordable mini golf options in Norfolk (of which there are many) and the theming is fun and well done. There is piped cannon fire and other piratey sound effects, which is a really nice touch and adds to the overall atmosphere. We also love the small pulley pirate ship, where the boys like to stop and battle with their clubs (because…well…because they’re boys that like to pretend to be pirates!)

It would be nice if there was a decent café to stop for snacks or lunch afterwards, which would help to extend the fun a little. But this isn’t a reason not to visit, and there is a small snack stand (which isn’t open right now) where you can get cold drinks and ice creams during the height of the summer season.

To book or to find out more, you can visit the Pirate Island Adventure Golf website here.

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