A Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Wroxham

We haven’t been on any ‘Big Adventures’ this week, but I thought I would share one of our favourite ways to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon: eating chips and feeding swans in Wroxham! Wroxham is considered the jewel of the Norfolk Broads, and if you’re visiting the area for your summer holiday then you’ll find lots to see and do here. Wroxham Barns is our favourite Norfolk fun farm (future review to come!), Bewilderwood is an adventure playground like no other, you can take a day boat out on the Broads from here, rent canoes, and there are an abundance of bars and restaurants aimed at tourists too.

But if you’re looking for something to do in Norfolk on a budget, Wroxham is a great place to be too! You can buy a big bag of bird food from one of the many honesty boxes by the water for just £1, and then just stand back and watch the swans, geese and ducks flock to you. You can walk all the way along the water here, and our favourite route is to take a short (child and buggy friendly) circular walk along the Broad, up through the woods to the train station, and then down the narrow public footpath back to the water again.

It’s a pleasant way to spend an hour without spending a penny, and it’s particularly green and beautiful at this time of year. The kids love it because they get to see all the birds, walk over not one but two bridges, and see the passing trains too! At this time of year you will see loads of boats on the river (my inner nosiness breaks through, because I just love peering into the living areas), and people are so friendly, happily waving at the kids. It’s just a lovely place to be, and has a really wonderful feel.

We rewarded ourselves for a walk well done with a trip to Grey’s traditional fish and chip shop. We usually get our chips to take away and eat them by the water, but it was a busy day and the sky was very grizzly (hence the uncharacteristically grey photos!) so we decided to eat in for a change: it does cost a little more, but the boys thought it was a real treat!

There is also an ice cream parlour next door which I heartily recommend if you have a sweet tooth: more than 30 flavours, and all made locally using milk from Norfolk dairy cattle. Truly delicious! If you are in Norfolk for your holidays this summer then do take the time to hope over to Wroxham, with so much to see and do (no matter what your budget) you won’t be disappointed.

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