World Book Day: The Best Books For Travelling Kids

Ad alert: This post contains ad/affiliate links that support the running of this site, but all opinions are my own. Today (03/03/22) is World Book Day: A day for children to celebrate books in a wide variety of weird and wonderful ways. My boys will be having breakfast with a book at school, and takingContinue reading “World Book Day: The Best Books For Travelling Kids”

Flying with Kids During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Our Flight to Mallorca)

Last week we took our first overseas trip since the coronavirus pandemic began. As frequent flyers, we love being in the airport, but this trip felt very different. Because we didn’t know what to expect, I was actually feeling pretty nervous about flying with the kids (and flying at all, to be honest!). With thatContinue reading “Flying with Kids During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Our Flight to Mallorca)”

Practical Tips: The Medical Kit We Take on Every Holiday with Kids

It’s not very exciting (it’s certainly not as exciting as choosing which kaftans and earrings to take, which is my favourite pre-holiday pastime) but before we go on any holiday, particularly a holiday overseas, I always check that my medical supply kit is fully loaded. So many basic medicines, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, areContinue reading “Practical Tips: The Medical Kit We Take on Every Holiday with Kids”

Top Tips For Driving in Scotland

Scotland is a rugged and beautiful country, but for someone who is more used to driving on either the flat roads of Norfolk or vast expanses of motorway, some of the narrower and more winding roads can be a little daunting! The drive from our house to our final destination (the Isle of Lewis, whereContinue reading “Top Tips For Driving in Scotland”

Pets and Travel: Who Cares For Our Dog (and Rabbit) When We’re Away?

As we prepare for our next adventure, I thought I’d share a quick post about who cares for our dog (Hairy McClary) and our rabbit (Dash) when we’re away on holidays and short breaks, as well as using this as an excuse to share lots of pictures of our adorable family fluff ball! Hairy McClaryContinue reading “Pets and Travel: Who Cares For Our Dog (and Rabbit) When We’re Away?”

Practical Tips: Our Bodyboarding Kits for Kids

My kids love to bodyboard; they are far from pros (in fact, they spend more time crashing in the sea or lying on the sand than they actually do on the boards) but I think its a great way to build water confidence, and adds an element of excitement to any beach day. If youContinue reading “Practical Tips: Our Bodyboarding Kits for Kids”

Five Benefits of Travel for Kids

My boys just love to travel: they love every part of it! Planes, trains and automobiles, close to home or far away. They love the sense of adventure, discovering new places, and the excitement when something (inevitably) goes wrong. They often say that travel broadens the mind, and that money spent on travel is neverContinue reading “Five Benefits of Travel for Kids”

Will You Be Travelling Overseas This Summer?

The UK government have announced that they will be allowing international travel from 17th May 2021, and they have released a frankly teeny tiny list of places Brits will be allowed to travel. This includes countries that are inaccessible to tourists, and countries that aren’t allowing Britons to enter right now. Basically, unless you haveContinue reading “Will You Be Travelling Overseas This Summer?”

Practical Tips: Preparing For a Long Road Trip in the UK

We are currently in a flurry of excitement, as we’re busy preparing for our first holiday of the year: a trip to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides (which also happens to be where my parents live!) We will be breaking up the 11 hour drive and the 2.5 hour ferry journey (yes,Continue reading “Practical Tips: Preparing For a Long Road Trip in the UK”

Travel with Kids: What to Pack for Kids on the Plane (Short Haul)

Packing their hand luggage is the favourite part of my kid’s pre-holiday prep! But if it was up to them we would board the plane with backpacks full of Lego minifigures/toy pigs, and none of the things we actually need for the flight! For that reason, I tend to take the lead with packing theContinue reading “Travel with Kids: What to Pack for Kids on the Plane (Short Haul)”