Riding Ponies at Rancho Cala Mandia

I’m a big fan of supporting/promoting small businesses, and we stumbled across this one when we were exploring Cala Mandia (the village we were staying in in Mallorca). Located down a narrow dirt track behind our hotel, the ranch is home to 3 ponies, 16 horses, and a gorgeous elderly donkey. In the mornings, between 10 am and 1pm you can drop in for kids pony rides, and to book hacks in the afternoon. Smaller children can enjoy the pony rides, whilst the afternoon riding sessions are only for children over 10/adults.

The couple that run the ranch were incredibly warm and welcoming, and the boys had plenty of time to stroke and love the ponies before they climbed aboard for their ride; and the prices were incredibly affordable. Short 5 minute rides were 5euros whilst slightly longer 10 minute rides were 7 euros. Obviously our pony addict boys opted for the 10 minute ride, and they were so happy to be on board their ponies, stroking them and talking to them throughout. They were lead by the owner and expert, who was incredibly good with the boys, engaging them in chatter and making them feel at ease.

The weather was incredibly hot during our stay, so we arrived at bang on 10 am and we were the only family there, which was great. I would definitely recommend arriving earlier rather than later, especially if you’re travelling to Mallorca during the summer months, because it’s just too hot to be riding ponies (or, for the parents, walking alongside them) during the heat of the day. The ranch itself offers very little shade, which we found was common for many outdoor activities in Mallorca, so not a criticism, just something to bear in mind!

I admit it’s a niche recommendation, but if you’re staying at the Insotel Cala Mandia with kids then a visit to a Rancho Cala Mandia is an absolute must: it’s situated less than 5 minutes walk away from the hotel, and was a real treat for the kids (my kids are pony/horse mad, and they didn’t stop talking about it!)

You can find out more about Rancho Cala Mandia here.


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