Review: Alton Towers Santa Sleepover, December 2021

The end of last year got away with me (with Christmas, and all our family birthdays crammed into December) so this piece is much later than I planned, but better late than never! At the end of December, we enjoyed a weekend away to Alton Towers for their Santa Sleepover event. We absolutely loved theContinue reading “Review: Alton Towers Santa Sleepover, December 2021”

Should You Visit Lapland UK this Christmas? An Honest Review

Ho, ho ho! It might seem waay to early to be thinking about Christmas, but Lapland UK tickets are so popular that the first booking window of 2021 has been and gone. The sooner you can book your tickets for this experience the better: even if it does seem mad to be planning Christmas daysContinue reading “Should You Visit Lapland UK this Christmas? An Honest Review”