An Update on Disneyland Paris For Annual Pass Holders

By far the most popular post I have written has been ‘The Benefits of Having a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass (and Why we got Them)’ which attracts tonnes of traffic every week. Sadly, this traffic is making me feel guilty because, since the Disneyland Paris park reopened earlier this month, a lot of the information in that post is out of date. So, although we haven’t been to Disneyland Paris since the reopening (which is why I’m recycling old photos) because we simply don’t have the ability to quarantine for 2 weeks when we get back due to school and work commitments, I thought I would write a quick update with the new, official information.

For Existing Annual Pass Holders

If you are an existing annual pass holder then you can now only reserve three days worth of tickets at any given time (making it near-impossible to travel for a trip of longer than three days) and because of the parks reduced capacity, which is a legal requirement to enable the parks post-covid reopening, this tickets sell out, or become unavailable, very quickly.

If you held an Annual Pass before the coronavirus lockdown then you will have stopped paying your monthly payments during the time of the closure: if you had paid for your pass in full when you booked it then it will be extended for the time that you were unable to use it due to the closure.

In the official notification from Disney, they said that “The DLP Annual Pass team are aware that these new terms of use for your Annual Pass are different from those you were used to before and to thank you for your understanding, they are offering you an additional 60-day extension on your Annual Pass.”

If You Don’t Currently Hold a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

If you don’t currently hold a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass then unfortunately you can’t buy one right now. Because Disney are struggling to find the capacity to allocate spaces for their existing Annual Pass holders, they are not selling any more passes right now: no end date for this has been set, but this new policy will be in place at least until the capacity limits are increased by the French Government.

Do I think it’s worth holding a DLP annual pass now? I think if you’re a Brit then there are probably better ways to spend your money right now, sadly: entry requirements to even get into France are restrictive, the country remains on the UK’s amber list (meaning a 10 day quarantine when you get home) and you can only use your passes for 3 days when you get there – if you manage to secure tickets for three days in a row in the first place!

We will definitely be going back to Disney: we’re a family full of Disney lovers. But when we do get back over there then the only way to guarantee entry at the moment is to stay on site or buy dated tickets, so it will be the convenience of an on site stay for us!

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